Dundee Citizen Advisory Committee (DCAC)

Dundee Citizen Advisory Committee (DCAC)


As of October 2018, the Dundee Town Commission has NOT reauthorized the DCAC.

General Functions

The Dundee Citizen Advisory Committee (DCAC) was established in 2014 by the Mayor and Town Commission (Resolution #14-09/Resolution #15-08), in an effort to further the Town Commissions’ goal of citizen involvement in the Town of Dundee.

The DCAC was comprised of five (5) voting members (residents) and two (2) non-voting ex-officio members (a business owner/operator and a Commission Liaison).  The DCAC shall hold at least two (2) meetings per term and any other meetings may be held upon the call of the Town Commission, Town Manager and /or written request of a member of the DCAC.

The DCAC had a term that expired September 30, 2017 when the Town Commission had the opportunity to pass another resolution extending the DCAC, but chose not do so.