Need Sandbags? Stock has been replenished as of 9/7/17

September 6, 2017

No more sand or bags in Dundee.

Dundee Fire, located at 118 Merrill Avenue, has sand and sandbags available if needed. The limit is currently 10 per household. It is self service, but if you need assistance, please see one of the fire department personnel. You must also see a member of the department to obtain the bags. We strongly urge you to be prepared in the event this hurricane does impact our area.

Please come by between the hours of 09:00 and 16:00 (4pm). If you need to come by later, please message our page or call the station at 863-419-3104 and we will make sure a member is here to give you bags.

Something else to keep in mind – emergency crews can no longer respond to calls once winds reach a SUSTAINED speed of 55mph or greater.