Purchasing & Procurement

Purchasing & Procurement

Purchasing for the Town of Dundee is coordinated through the Town Clerk’s office. In conjunction with the Administration & Finance Division, the purchasing department is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services in a manner that is ethical, impartial, open, fair, honest and in accordance with policies, procedures and laws.

The Purchasing Department administers all Request for Bids (RFB), Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Request for Information (RFI) in order to obtain goods and services in the most cost effective, timely and professional manner.

In addition, the Purchasing Department also works with all town departments to:

  • Process purchasing requisitions,
  • Determine appropriate purchasing methods,
  • Assist in obtaining quotes
  • Develop standard specifications
  • Consolidate requisitions and purchase of like items to obtain the maximum economic benefit and cost savings
  • Explore the possibilities of buying in bulk to take full advantage of quantity discounts.
  • Manage the City’s surplus property to include arranging for disposal through an online auction.
  • Develop purchasing policies and procedures for the purchase and contract of all materials, supplies, equipment and services.

The Town of Dundee uses both a decentralized and centralized approach to buying with $30,000 being the threshold between the two types. Individual departments purchase their own items that fall under the $30,000 threshold and the Purchasing Division facilitates the purchase of items over $30,000.

For the disposition of surplus property, the Town uses www.GovDeals.com.

Purchasing Department OPEN Bid Schedules

BID IDStatusAnnouncedQuestions DuePre-Bid MeetingBid Due DateProject NameActions
RFP 18-05OPEN12/17/201801/11/201901/08/201901/16/2019Road Resurfacing and Milling ServicesDownload RFP

Addendum #1 - Bidder Q&A

Addendum #2 - Bidder Additional Q&A

Addendum #3 - Bidder Additional Q&A

Amended Bid Form

Purchasing Department CLOSED Bid Schedules

BID IDStatusClose DateProject NameResults Issued DateActions
RFQ 18-01Closed04/08/2018Water, Sewer, Stormwater Rate Study08/14/2018Download Results
RFP 18-04Terminated12/07/2018Demolition Services12/12/2018Download Results

CLOSED Department Purchases

Town Policy states that all purchases over $2,500 require a department to get three (3) quotes from vendors for an informal comparison of costs if a vendor is not on state pricing or has a continuing contract with the town. Department heads can then choose which of the three vendors they wish to use. For the purpose of openness and transparency, the Town lists all purchases over $2,500 that were not done through the purchasing process.

This list is kept up-to-date as time allows, a full-record of purchases is available in Town Hall.

Project #Project DescriptionAssociated DepartmentAuthorization to Purchase DateActions
1819-01Community Center Digital SignParks & Recreation11/11/2018Download Quote Results
1819-02Community Center A/C ReplacementParks & Recreation12/11/2018Download Quote Results