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RFP 16-02 & RFP 16-05 Information *Updated 5.27.16*

April 18, 2016

RFP 16-02 – Lift Station Repair (Due: May 27, 2016)

RFP 16-05 – Old Town Hall/PCSO Substation/Fire Department Project (Due: May 13, 2016)

  • Town Commission approved project with Everett Whitehead and Sons, Inc for $103,757.00
  • Bid Opening Form – May 13, 2016
  • Ad
  • Request for Proposals Document
  • Cost Model Sample
  • Discussion Items from Pre-Bid Meeting:
    • Two exterior doors on the north side of the building to be replaced with exterior/metal doors.
    • On the map #9 – Security Doors/Metal doors can be those located at the current substation that have badge entry attached to them.  We do want these doors replaced with interior doors.
    • Acoustical Tiles – instead of 2×2, please quote 2×4.
    • Please disregard the lit PCSO sign reference in the bid documents