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Fire Department

Fire Department

Dundee Fire Department

A letter from Chief Joe Carbone

Hello from the Dundee Fire Department…

Welcome to Dundee Fire Department! Also know as Dundee Fire Rescue, we respond to medical and trauma alarms. Those comprise about 66 to 70% of all alarms. The department is a combination department with paid personnel manning the station during business hours seven days a week. Volunteers make up the main force of this department. They are required to have a minimum of 160 hours of training (Firefighter I) before full membership is granted and a badge presented. Total staffing at present is 17 including the chief, fire inspector, and daytime personnel. All paid employees are part time and work either in other fire departments or in emergency medicine. Paid personnel have as minimal certifications Firefighter II, and EMT or Paramedic certifications.


Funded by the Town of Dundee and supplemented by gifts of the Dundee Fire Department Auxiliary we have made great strides within the last few years. The auxiliary has provided a furnished kitchen with range hood suppression system, a four gas detector/monitor with alarm, an AED (automatic external defibrillator), and just ordered a new 700/800 MHz portable radio. This year the town has purchased a used but in good condition 1250 GPM fire engine to match the pumping capacity of our first alarm response engine. Our total fleet includes three engines and a brush truck. A medium duty rescue truck is on order and expected to be placed into service in late September 2004.

We are challenged by the rapid growth embracing our town. It is expected to double in size within the next three to five years. Along with the other municipal departments we are determined to meet the new growth needs as well as the increased demands on our time and resources. As part of the town team we engage in technical site review, plan review and fire safety code inspections.

Volunteer Firefighters Needed!

Because the Fire Department relies on volunteers we are constantly in need of persons in good physical conditioning who are willing to study and train for the essential role of firefighter in the Town of Dundee. We hope that you will seriously consider either joining the department provided you meet the following necessary requirement. No felony convictions, satisfactory drug screening, valid driver’s license, a willingness to give up sleep in order to help your neighbors and a willingness to apply yourself diligently to the 160 hours of course work and training required. We do not discriminate on any legal basis. All races and genders are encouraged. All candidates must be voted upon by the membership following nomination and background review by the chief and town manager. All candidates must live within three miles of the station. For an application please call 863-419-3104 or stop by during business hours.

We have a Reserve Program –  This program is for candidates who do not necessarily live close to the station, but are already trained in their firefighting classes. They must have their Emergency Medical Responder (first responder), their Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) and their Firefighter 2 certification to be able to join as a reserve. If interested, contact the station for further information during normal business hours.

Contact the Fire Department

Staff:  Chief Joe Carbone


Office Phone:  863-419-3104