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Fire Department

Fire Department

Dundee Fire Department

A letter from Chief Joe Carbone

Hello from the Dundee Fire Department.

Department Mission Statement

To provide fire and rescue services when called upon by the community we serve whenever and wherever needed. Our department recognizes our citizens as our valued customers and are committed to a “customer first” service model. We pledge to deliver our services in a highly professional manner, striving to resolve every customer request their fullest satisfaction.

Core Values

  • Service

Our pledge is to protect and serve our community to the best of our ability anytime and anywhere we are called upon to provide assistance. Our residents and visitors are our customers. We are committed to delivering a superior customer experience no matter how large or small the customers need is.

  • Preparedness

Training, experience, dedication, and vigilance are key factors in the success of an emergency services organization. Our department is committed to providing a high level of job specific training for its members in order to respond to challenges we are called upon to resolve.

  • Integrity

Recognizing the trust of the citizen’s place in us, our members are expected to always act in a manner consistent with honor, trust, and integrity. Excellence in character is a required trait of every member of this department.

  • Respect

In order to effectively serve our community our members are required to respect their fellow firefighters, the department, and the community.

  • Excellence

Excellence is the core value that brings all the other core values together. Our department is dedicated to fulfilling our core value commitments to the highest possible standard. We strive for excellence in all that we do.

Dundee Fire Department is a full-time/combination department consisting of two full-time firefighters on duty 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our staffing is augmented with volunteers firefighters and automatic aide agreements with neighboring departments. The department responds to over 1000 calls for service per year.

The department responds to all 911 calls. These calls are not all fire related. 60% of our calls for service are medical, trauma, and rescue type emergencies. All of Dundee’s paid firefighters must meet the minimum training requirements for employment. Firefighters must be State of Florida certified Firefighter II and State of Florida certified Emergency Medical Technicians. We have several members of the department who have obtained the rigorous State of Florida Paramedic certification. Our firefighting fleet consists of a 1500 gallon per minute rescue pumper, a 1250 gallon per minute fire engine, a 1000 gallon a minute 55 ft aerial platform, a brush truck, and a 21-foot marine rescue boat.

Like many other communities, we are challenged by the rapid growth embracing our town. It is expected to double in size within the next three to five years. Along with the other municipal departments we are determined to meet the new growth needs as well as the increased demands on our time and resources. As part of the town team, we engage in technical site review, plan review and fire safety code inspections. The department is funded through annual property taxes and a special fire assessment fee that was recently enacted. The assessment fee allows the department to grow with the town.



Volunteer Firefighters Needed!

Because the Fire Department relies on volunteers, we are constantly in need of persons in good physical conditioning who are willing to study and train for the essential role of firefighter in the Town of Dundee. We hope that you will seriously consider either joining the department provided you meet the following necessary requirement. No felony convictions, satisfactory drug screening, valid driver’s license, a willingness to give up sleep in order to help your neighbors and a willingness to apply yourself diligently to the 160 hours of course work and training required. We do not discriminate on any legal basis. All races and genders are encouraged. All candidates must be voted upon by the membership following nomination and background review by the chief and town manager. All candidates must live within three miles of the station. For an application, please call 863-419-3104 or stop by during business hours.

We have a Reserve Program – This program is for candidates who do not necessarily live close to the station but are already trained in their firefighting classes. They must have their Emergency Medical Responder (first responder), their Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) and their Firefighter 2 certification to be able to join as a reserve. If interested, contact the station for further information during normal business hours.

Contact the Fire Department

Staff:  Chief Joe Carbone


Office Phone:  863-419-3104