Welcome to the Town of Dundee

#Dundee Mayor Pennant has asked that if anyone would like to donate to the Cristanos/Garcia Family, please contact Town Hall or contact any Wells Fargo Bank and make your donation to the “Dundee Family Donation Account”.

The Wells Fargo Bank in Dundee can be reached at 863-421-5450 and request your donation to the “Dundee Family Donation Account”

Click to read the article:  http://theledger.com/news/20161018/dundee-mom-and-daughter-7-hospitalized-after-being-hit-by-suv-while-walking-to-bus-stop


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Congratulations to Dundee Ridge Academy for receiving a School Grade of a “B” for 2015-2016.  We are proud of the hard work from administration, staff, and students in their accomplishment!  GREAT JOB!