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Public Works & Utilities

Public Works & Utilities

The Department of Public Works and Department of Public Utilities provides several essential services to the residents and businesses of Dundee and is the Town’s largest departments. The Public Works and Public Utilities Departments is composed of seven (7) divisions: Parks, Recreation, Streets, Facilities, Water, Sewer, and Stormwater. They also oversee the infrastructure projects implemented to enhance the quality of life in the Town. The Town has a public water supply system with improvements made over the years to provide for development that has occurred, especially along US Highway 27. The daily consumption of water now averages about 450,000 gallons per day.

The Dundee Town Commission recently approved expanding the existing wastewater treatment plant to promote growth east of the downtown core area. The Public Utility Department is highly involved in expanding the coverage of the Town with a collection system that can provide wastewater disposal for most of the commercial and public facility properties in the Town. With funding assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture, a collection system construction project was completed in 2002 which provided two pump stations and several thousand feet of force main to remove sewage from the SW area of Dundee, including the area near the intersection of Main and Center Streets. From these facilities, gravity sewer extensions and connections will result in a diversion of wastewater to the Town’s plant that has for many years been pumped out of Town by the Utility Department of Polk County. Many other commercial properties are expected to be able to connect to the same sanitary sewer facility.

The Public Works and Utility Departments provide many services to the Town’s residents in addition to water and sewer service. The usual street and storm-water facility maintenance is provided. The extensive public land held by the Town as a result of all the lakes and the area immediately around the lakes, being designated as public lands in the original platting of the Town, is regularly mowed and provided with landscape maintenance to enhance its use as parkland. The solid waste generated within the Town is covered by the Town Sanitation Department.

Utilities Application/Disconnection

You can view and download Utilities Application. Please fill the application out and bring it to the Dundee Town Hall along with the following items: a SIGNED warranty deed or copy of the lease/rental agreement, picture identification, and deposit ($100 inside/$125 outside Town limits).

DOWNLOAD FORM: Utility Application

DOWNLOAD FORM: Utilities Address Disconnect Form





The Town of Dundee Watering Schedule & Restrictions.

Lawn & Landscape Irrigation

  • No watering from 8am – 6pm

Potable Irrigation Schedule

(Irrigation Schedule is determined by your address, regardless of water source)

If Your Address is Watering Days
Even Address Tuesday
Odd Address Sunday

For more information and details on watering schedules & restrictions please visit Dundee Water Schedule Code

Polk County Water Schedules & Restrictions

Public Utilities Administration

Public Utilities Director: Tracy Mercer


Phone:  863-439-5672

Public Works Administration 

Public Works Director: Johnathon Vice


Phone: 863-514-6636

Billing Customer Service Supervisor

Staff: Shawanda Concepcion


Office Phone:  863-438-8330 ext. 221

Yard Waste Services

In an effort to make life a little easier for our residents the Town of Dundee will be collecting residential Yard Waste on Wednesdays.  This change will not affect your regularly scheduled garbage pickups on Monday or Thursday, depending on your location( TrashMap ).

If you have any questions please feel free to call 863-438-8330, Option 1

Automatic Debit Option for Utility Customers


Utility customers have the option to pay their utility bills by automatic debit at no extra cost. If you are interested in signing up for automatic debit payments you will need to come into Dundee Town Hall and complete an authorization agreement form or you can download and complete the Automatic Debit Authorization Form now.

*Please note – If funds aren’t available for the bank draft at the time of transfer, which will be approximately the first of each month, then the transaction will be treated as an NSF transaction and an NSF fee will be added to the account. Late fees still apply if the balance is not paid by the due date.

DOWNLOAD FORM: Enrollment Application in Automatic Debit for Dundee Utilities

Online Utility Payments

Pay Utilities Online Now!

The Town of Dundee has implemented accepting credit card and debit card payments. We have partnered with a credit card payment processing company so that our customers can pay by major credit card or debit card. The credit card processor assesses a convenience fee of 2.95% or $2.00 (whichever is greater) when using this service. Utility Deposits and Utility Payments are now being accepted online. Please visit EdmundsGovPay to make your payments. Under Florida State Statute, the Town, as a Governmental Unit, has the option to partner with a third party to provide this service. Reference State Statute 215.322(b).

*Please make sure you coordinate with your banking institution to ensure your payment is received by the due date.*