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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Save Water While You Save $

The Town of Dundee is offering programs to its water utility customers to help you conserve water and money at the same time!

toiletToilet Rebates
Have an old, water-hungry toilet? Rebates will cover up to $100
towards the cost of a new low-flow 1.28 gallon/flush toilet.

Download the form for the toilet rebate.

Shower headFREE Conservation Kits
Upgrade your faucet aerators and shower head with our new
ones to save water around the house. Kits also include dye
tablets to check the toilet tank for leaks.
rain cloudFREE Rain Sensors
Have an automatic irrigation system? Rain sensors keep your sprinklers
from coming on after it rains so your grass isn’t watered twice.
Smart Irrigation ControllerSmart Irrigation Controller Rebates
Out of control water bill? If you have averaged more than 14,000
gallons of water/month for 3 months, you may qualify for a rebate
of up to $200 towards a smart controller for your irrigation system.
Visit or call 863-519-1050 for more information.
Funded by the Town of Dundee, the South and Southwest Florida Water Management Districts,
and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Polk Regional Water Cooperative