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Utilities Frequently Asked Questions

Utilities Frequently Asked Questions

Online Utilities Payments

Payments received after 5:00PM will be processes the next business day.

Utility applications will not be processed after 4:00PM.

Is my information secure?

Your personal information is protected. The software utilizes secure SSL with 128-bit encryption at the channel and application level. Sensitive user profile information is encrypted before it is stored in the database in order to keep it safe from unauthorized access both outside of and within the Town of Dundee. Network firewalls and password encoding protect end users against unauthorized data access. Multiple levels of alarms and status messages appear when the system is breached. The application is maintained in a secure data center using multiple level security access mechanisms.

What is a convenience fee?

The convenience fee is the charge assessed by a credit card payment processing vender or company to accept and process a credit card payment for you, the customer, in payment of a billed charge or service which has been provided.

If my water is turned off for non-payment, can I pay online?

Yes, however, a non-payment fee ($40.00) will be applied to your bill.  The non-payment fee must be paid before water service will be restored. You must call the Utility Billing Office at (863) 438-8330 Option 1 during normal working hours (Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm).

What if my credit card is a debit check card?

You may use the card providing the card has a Master Card or Visa logo. The process and charges will be the same as a credit card, but the payment will be debited from your bank account. Regular ATM debit cards cannot be used (the card must have the Master Card or Visa logo).

What options are available that do not impose the fee?

Customers may pay by check, cash, money order, cashier’s check, and automatic bank drafting for any service offered by the Town of Dundee.

What other agencies use the town’s third party provider?

The following Agencies use Point and Pay as their Third Party Provider: Polk County Tax Collector, Legion Tag Agency (Winter Haven), The City of Sebring, and Osceola County Tax Collector (just to name a few).

Will I be able to make other kinds of online payments?

At this time only utility bill payments are available. In the future, we plan on providing for other kinds of town payments.