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About the Town of Dundee

About the Town of Dundee


Located in the bustling US 27 corridor, the Town of Dundee is a compact, twelve-square mile area, with about 4,662 (FL BEBR) residents. The rolling hills of Lake Wales Ridge frame a mixture of older neighborhoods and new subdivisions.

Incorporated first in 1921 as the City of Dundee, then reincorporated in 1924 as the Town of Dundee, the municipality was built on the wealth of Florida’s citrus industry, but now serves as a growing sleeper community to larger neighboring cities, and as a host to tourists visiting area attractions.

Governed by a Town Commission and Town Manager, Dundee offers residents and visitors lakeside parks, a town/county regional park and recreation complex, and a community library.

We welcome you to visit us and realize the potential that awaits you in Dundee! Dundee is famous for its friendly atmosphere and laid-back approach to life. In addition, residents and visitors in Dundee can travel to both the East Coast and the Gulf Coast in approximately 90 minutes.