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Development Services Department

Development Services Department


The Dundee Development Services Department permits and inspects new construction, remodeling, additions, repairs, mobile home setups, signs, and other structures.  The Department also issues contractor licenses and investigates complaints against licensed contractors.  The department provides services for the following:

  • Building Permits
  • Electrical Permits
  • Plumbing Permits
  • Mechanical Permits
  • Inspections for all permitted work
  • Safety inspections – needed for utilities to be turned on

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A permit is required for all new construction, alterations, repairs, demolition, or additions to a structure.  Applicants may obtain building permits from the Development Services Department.


Building Permit Applications and other forms and information are available for PDF download.

Permits are required for all accessory buildings such as detached carports, garages, workshops and storage sheds, fences & pools.

Homeowners are allowed to permit work being done only on homes in which they reside, if not, they must hire a licensed contractor to perform the work.

Inspections are required for all permitted work.  Upon completion of work, please call the Development Services Department to schedule an inspection.

The Development Services Department is also responsible for Safety Inspections. Residential Safety inspections are required when power has been turned off at a particular location for more than 90 consecutive days. There is a $35.00 inspection. Commercial Safety inspections are required for each occupancy/business change. There is a $40.00 inspection fee.


Impact-Connection Fees July 2023

Impact-Connection Fees May 2022

Impact-Connection Fees January 2023

Permit and Inspection Utilization Report A local government entity may provide a schedule of reasonable inspection fees in order to defer the costs of inspection and enforcement of the Florida Building Code. The local government entity’s fees must be used solely for carrying out that local government entity’s responsibilities in enforcing the Florida Building Code. Pursuant to Florida Statute 553.80, by Dec. 31 of each year, the governing body of a local government that provides a schedule of fees shall create a building permit and inspection utilization report and post the report on its website.

The Town’s fiscal year begins on Oct. 1 and ends on Sept. 30. The below information is derived from the respective fiscal year. The information provided below has been derived from relevant information available from the most recently completed financial audit.

2022-2023 Permit and Inspection Utilization Report

Contact the Development Services Department

Staff: Sheranda Robinson, Building Permit Technician


Office Location: 124 Dundee Road

Office Phone: (863) 438-8330 ext. 223  

Office Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday
The office is closed Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Development Services Building Located at:

124 Dundee Road, Dundee, Florida 33838